Policies and shipping


GRUPO 2K SAS delivers to all municipalities in Colombian territory through allied companies, responsible for guaranteeing security and coverage, so that your purchase reaches the address you want.


The delivery time of the products is between one (01) and five (05) business days for national shipments and between five (05) and seven (07) business days for shipments outside of Colombia, according to the shipping times required by the third party authorized by GRUPO 2K SAS to complete said operation.

Deliveries cannot be scheduled for an exact time and must be destined for a safe and punctual address, such as your home or office. In periods of Mother's Day, Christmas, black days and/or sales, delivery times may increase, they are subject to the availability of the service by the carriers.

Delivery times begin to count from the approval of the payment through the virtual or telephone platform, which will be given once the financial institution or other entity responsible for the means of payment used, confirms the availability of resources. It can be affected by force majeure events, as well as by the town in which you are and the day/time you make the purchase.

At the time of payment approval, you will receive an email with the confirmation of the order, later, by the same means, you will be provided with all the shipping information, waiting times for receipt and details of the relevant financial transfer, in addition to attaching the proper purchase invoice to enforce compliance with this warranty policy.

For purposes of calculating delivery times, the date and time of payment approval must be taken into account as follows: our payment platform must approve the transaction according to the data analysis.

Payments by credit card and using the PSE button, may take up to (1) business day for approval. Payments with Efecty and Baloto the payment information can take up to (1) business day after the payment is made. If you have any questions about the shipment or if your order does not arrive within the stipulated period, contact us through our email address brunalingerie@hotmail.com, WhatsApp + 57 323 288 4239.

The product may be received or inspected by any person of legal age who lives or is present at the place of delivery, for which the signature of the transporter's guide will suffice.

In the event that the product has signs of damage or ruptures in its packaging at the time of delivery, you must register it in the transporter's guide as an observation, making the immediate return of the product and contact us at + 57 3232884239 (during business hours). Monday to Friday from 8am-5pm), through our email info@bruna.co or in the "Contact us" form on our website.


The shipping cost will be determined depending on the destination, weight and volume of the package. The value will be calculated at the end of the purchase process and will be informed at the time of settlement of the order, before you make the payment.

Shipping will be free for purchases over TWO HUNDRED FIFTY THOUSAND PESOS ($250,000) made in Colombia, or THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS ($300) for purchases abroad.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, GRUPO 2K SAS reserves the right to omit or modify the limits for the collection of shipments and in any case, this value will be announced prior to the acceptance of the order and payment by the client.

RETURNS RIGHT OF WITHDRAWAL The following policy only applies to purchases made through https://www.brunalingerie.com/ or the WhatsApp line + 57 3176985237. In accordance with the right of withdrawal enshrined in article 47 of Law 1480 of 2011 Consumer Statute, to exercise the right of withdrawal you must return the product by the same means and in the same conditions in which you received it, it is not applicable goods for personal use, such as clothing, underwear and bathing suits. To manage the return of your product, you must inform by submitting a formal request, sent to the email info@bruna.co or by sending a WhatsApp message to the number +57 323 288 4239, indicating that it will be exercised, our team support will indicate the steps to follow to exercise the right of withdrawal. After submitting the claim, the team in charge will indicate where the package should be sent, the product must undergo a quality inspection to verify compliance with the terms described in this policy. A date for collection by the transport company will be coordinated, keep in mind that the shipping costs to return your products and exercise your right of withdrawal, are at your expense, GRUPO 2K SAS reserves the right to recognize said withdrawal if the product It was still used for the first time. To request the return of products you must meet the following conditions: (i) The maximum period to request a return is FIVE (05) calendar days from the date of delivery of the products. (ii) The product must be in perfect condition, it must not have been used or washed, contain the original labels, accessories and packaging, finally it must not have signs of use or have been modified or altered from its original state. (iii) In accordance with numeral 7 of article 47 of Law 1480 of 2011, goods for personal use are excepted from the right of withdrawal. In the event that the aforementioned requirements are met, GRUPO 2K SAS will return the total amount you paid for the garments, this payment does not include transportation costs, which must be assumed by the buyer, without discounts or withholdings. The return will be made within a maximum period of (30) calendar days, through one of the following ways: Electronic Transfer: Within (10) business days after receiving the product. Reversal of payment: Thirty (30) business days after receiving the product. It is made to the same account or credit card from which the purchase was made. • Bank Account Consignment: Thirty (30) business days a bank consignment will be made in the name of the client. PAYMENT REVERSAL The law provides that in sales made through electronic commerce mechanisms, such as the Internet and where a credit card, debit card or any other electronic payment instrument has been used to make the payment, the participants in the payment process must reverse the payments. that the consumer requests when he is subject to fraud, or corresponds to an unsolicited operation, or the product purchased is not received, or the product delivered does not correspond to what was requested or is defective. For the reversal of the payment to proceed, within five (5) business days following the date on which the consumer learned of the fraudulent or unsolicited operation or that he should have received the product or received it defective or not corresponding to what requested, the consumer must submit his request to GRUPO 2K SAS and return the product, when appropriate. To process the return of the products (for cases in which their delivery has been made), the GRUPO 2K SAS Customer Service area will coordinate with the Customer the date and time in which the transportation company will collect the products. CHANGES If you want to make a change, of any of our products, you can do it like this: Purchases made in physical stores may be exchanged by shipping or directly at our on-site points of sale Through the website, when you have made the purchase by this means. Keep in mind that GRUPO 2K SAS reserves the right to accept changes, returns or guarantees with prior analysis of the product. Verifying the state of the garment in the aforementioned conditions. To request the change of products, you must meet the following conditions: (iv) The maximum term to request a change will be thirty (30) calendar days from the date of delivery of the products. (v) The product must be in perfect condition, must not have been used or washed, contain the original labels, accessories and packaging, and finally must not have been modified or altered from its original state. (vi) Promotional products do not have change. Remember that you will have our 90-day guarantee. (vii) Keep in mind that accessories, tights and bodies do not have change. The change must be for a value equal to or greater than the value of the product, in which case the customer will pay the excess value if he wishes to replace his product with one of higher qualities than the initial ones. Change at GRUPO 2K SAS points of sale you must deliver the product at any BRUNA point of sale, present the document equivalent to the invoice and the ID number of the person who made the purchase, or request the change through our email info @bruna.co, attaching the following information: Full name, identity document, contact telephone number, reference of the product you wish to change and the store where you made the purchase Changes through the website, you can change through our email info@bruna.co, attaching the following information: Full name, identity document, contact telephone number, reference of the product you want to change, order number, email email used to place the order. Once the change request has been filed with the necessary data for it, compliance with the requirements and origin of the change will be analyzed. If the change is appropriate, a date is scheduled for collection by the transport company, according to the day that is coordinated with the client to make the return of the product or at the time of delivery. Our team will schedule the collection of your package at the address you previously provided us, the items for changes will be reviewed by our quality team, once the change is approved, the new product will be shipped. When the Customer delivers the product to the carrier, it must already be properly packaged. You can use the same packaging in which the order was received, however, this must be adequate according to the nature of the product so that it is not affected during the transportation process. GRUPO 2K SAS will respond to your request within a period of fifteen (15) to twenty (20) business days, by email or other system that in the opinion of GRUPO 2K SAS is convenient. Your first change is FREE, if you are not satisfied with the new product and want to change it again, you must assume the cost of shipping, making it reach our facilities In the event that your product does not meet the criteria of our exchange and returns policy, we will inform you with an email of the reason why the exchange is not applicable and the product will be returned to the initial shipping address. GRUPO 2K SAS reserves the right to charge the Customer for said shipment. For the purposes of requesting a change, we recommend you take into account: It is important that you verify the status before removing the label and actually delivering the garment or accessory. You must present a document equivalent to a purchase invoice and/or the order order as appropriate when done through virtual portals. • As a general rule, GRUPO 2K SAS does not refund money and if considered viable, it will do so by issuing a credit note valid for up to six (06) months, for the same value of the product or products subject to change. accepted, reserving the possibility of restitution of money in specific cases and valued according to quality and compliance standards. • All exchanges are subject to inventory availability.
At GRUPO 2K SAS we manufacture and market products with excellent quality standards, therefore, they are fully guaranteed. Customers must carefully read the instructions for use and washing and the use and care labels; However, if the product has quality defects despite its proper use, during the validity of the warranty, or arrives imperfect, the following procedure will be followed: The warranty covers manufacturing defects, the term of the warranty is NINETY (90) CALENDAR DAYS counted from the billing date. The warranty does not cover normal deterioration of the product, improper use, or damage caused by failure to follow the care or maintenance instructions for the products. The response of the approval to the guarantee will be subject to the result of the technical evaluation carried out by GRUPO 2K SAS You should bear in mind that a product does not have a guarantee if: The detailed instructions on the use and care instructions label have not been followed. The product had contact with chemical products, detergents or bleaches that cause discoloration of fabrics. The damage or breakdown is the product of incorrect use of the product. The product was altered, violated or modified by the client. • The damage or breakdown is the product of normal wear and tear on the product. • When the damage comes from misuse of the product by the consumer. If the same reference is not available, the customer may choose one of the same type and/or similar characteristics, or request that the value of the defective product be recorded as a credit balance (credit note) which will be applied in a next purchase. The credit note will be valid for six (6) months from the date it is issued. GRUPO 2K SAS reserves the right to accept the garments with prior analysis of the product. This must be delivered in good hygienic conditions. Transportation costs in cases of acceptance of the guarantee are borne by GRUPO 2K SAS. If your request is not approved, you will have to pay the shipping costs so that we can send your garment back to you. To make the guarantee of any of the products effective, the customer may make their request through the website or at any of our points of sale as follows: For physical stores it is necessary to have the invoice to be able to make the change, for requests via email: to manage your request, you must write to us through our email info@bruna.co, attaching the following information: Full name, identification document, contact telephone number, reference of the product you wish to exchange, the order number, email used to place the order, if you have purchased the products at any of our physical locations, you must indicate which of these it was placed in. the purchase. The customer service area of ​​GRUPO 2K SAS will review the request and, if appropriate, will request the return of the product for physical inspection, coordinating with the customer the way in which the product return must be made within a maximum period of FIFTEEN ( 15) CALENDAR DAYS. In the event that the guarantee applies, GRUPO 2K SAS will indicate the procedure to make it effective and otherwise a formal response will be generated explaining the reasons why it is not applicable and will return the product(s) to the initial shipping address. . It is important to note that in this case the return shipping cost will be at your expense. CARE RECOMMENDATIONS: Hand wash gently. Avoid rubbing the garment and using bleach. Use cold water and mild soap. Do not soak or twist. Do not use a washing machine or dryer. Dry in the shade

Puedes contactarte por whatsapp con nuestras asesoras para validar cual seria la talla correcta y luego proceder al cambio, ten en cuenta que accesorios, medias, panties y bodies no tienen cambio.

Puedes consultar en el siguiente link nuestras políticas de cambios:

https://brunalingerie.com/pages/politicas-y-envios En la sección -Politica de cambios y devoluciones-


El derecho de retracto solo se aplica a las compras realizadas a través de https://www.brunalingerie.com/ o la línea de WhatsApp + 57 3176985237.

Para realizar una devolución puedes consultar toda la información completa en el siguiente link:

https://brunalingerie.com/pages/politicas-y-envios En la sección -Politica de cambios y devoluciones-

De acuerdo con el derecho de retracto consagrado en el artículo 47 de la Ley 1480 de 2011 Estatuto del Consumidor, para el ejercicio del derecho de retracto deberás devolver el producto por los mismos medios y en las mismas condiciones en que lo recibiste, no es aplicable a los bienes de uso personal, como el vestuario, ropa interior y vestidos de baño.

Para gestionar la devolución de tu producto, debes informar mediante la presentación de una solicitud formal, enviada al correo electrónico info@bruna.co o enviando un mensaje de WhatsApp al número +57 323 288 4239, indicando que el mismo será ejercido, nuestro equipo de soporte te indicará los pasos a seguir para ejercer el derecho de retracto. Luego de presentar la reclamación, el equipo encargado le indicará donde debe hacer llegar el paquete, el producto debe someterse a inspección de calidad para verificar el cumplimiento de los términos descritos en esta política. Se coordinará una fecha para recolección por la empresa transportadora, ten en cuenta que los gastos de envío para devolver tus productos y ejercer tu derecho de retracto, corren por tu cuenta, GRUPO 2K S.A.S. se reserva el derecho de reconocimiento de dicho retracto si el producto fue utilizado aún por primera vez. Para solicitar la devolución de productos debes cumplir con las siguientes condiciones: (i) El plazo máximo para solicitar una devolución es de CINCO (05) días calendario contados desde la fecha la entrega de los productos. (ii) El producto debe estar en perfectas condiciones, no debe haber sido usado o lavado, contener las etiquetas, accesorios y empaques originales, finalmente no debe tener señales de uso o haber sido modificado o alterado de su estado original. (iii) De acuerdo con el numeral 7 del artículo 47 de la ley 1480 de 2011, se exceptúan del derecho de retracto los bienes de uso personal. En caso de que se cumplan con los requisitos anteriormente mencionados, GRUPO 2K S.A.S. te devolverá la suma total que pagaste por las prendas, este pago no incluye los gastos de transporte, los cuales deben ser asumidos por el comprador, sin que se hagan descuentos o retenciones. La devolución se hará en un plazo máximo de (30) días calendario, a través de alguna de las siguientes formas: Transferencia Electrónica: Dentro de los (10) días hábiles siguientes de recibir el producto. Reversión del pago: Treinta (30) días hábiles después de recibir el producto. Se efectúa a la misma cuenta o tarjeta de crédito, desde la cual se realizó la compra. • Consignación Cuenta Bancaria: Treinta (30) días hábiles se realizará consignación bancaria a nombre del cliente. REVERSIÓN DEL PAGO La ley dispone que en las ventas efectuadas mediante mecanismos de comercio electrónico, tales como Internet y donde se haya utilizado para realizar el pago una tarjeta de crédito, débito o cualquier otro instrumento de pago electrónico, los participantes del proceso de pago deberán reversar los pagos que solicite el consumidor cuando sea objeto de fraude, o corresponda a una operación no solicitada, o el producto adquirido no sea recibido, o el producto entregado no corresponda a lo solicitado o sea defectuoso. Para que proceda la reversión del pago, dentro los cinco (5) días hábiles siguientes a la fecha en que el consumidor tuvo noticia de la operación fraudulenta o no solicitada o que debió haber recibido el producto o lo recibió defectuoso o sin que correspondiera a lo solicitado, el consumidor deberá presentar su solicitud ante GRUPO 2K S.A.S. y devolver el producto, cuando sea procedente. Para tramitar la devolución de los productos (para los casos en que se haya efectuado su entrega), el área de Servicio al Cliente de GRUPO 2K S.A.S. coordinará con el Cliente, la fecha y hora en la que la empresa transportadora efectuar la recolección.

Vía email te estaremos actualizando el estado de tu orden, número de guía y aliado logístico, además te estaremos informando desde que se aprueba tu pago, cuando estemos procesando tu pedido y cuando éste sea facturado y despachado.

Si estás interesado en ser parte de nuestra red de aliados para vender nuestros productos, puedes escribirnos a Taniagomez@bruna.co con tu nombre, información de contacto y todo lo relacionado con tu empresa.

Nuestro equipo encargado te estará contactando.